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Before you buy a hijab there are some that we have to check, because of the veil of the past decade has become one of the fashion choices also for Muslim women, in addition to being the hallmark of a Muslim but the hijab is also a garment that can beautify the Muslim, proved many fashion hijab who won the hearts of the Muslim women to wear the like of them.

Back to the beginning of which is to buy a nice veil and guaranteed you’ll never regret after buying hijab that we suggest, oh yes before buying hijab that you want, let’s first acquaintance to a wide variety of hijab for you to choose:

Various Hijab

Square Hijab

square hijab
One type of head scarf that is quite popular and the trend in society is a square hijab. Square hijab usually has several different sizes like 150 x 150 cm, 115 x 115 cm, 110 x 110 cm, 173 x 51 cm, 174 x 70 cm, 110 x115 cm, some even longer with a size of 168 x 70 cm. square hijab headscarf is often called Paris. Hijab is fairly modern and trendy, so even then that the reason hijab user choose the type of headscarf. Square hijab headscarf can also be used as a pashmina with the folded sides are equally hijab which will be returned in accordance coupled with the desired model.
square hijab headscarf user choice among women to get maximum beautiful views, with the use of square hijab usually, you can add ingredients or other complementary tools such as needles, pins or brooches. In addition to the steps and simple ways of wearing the veil square that you can do by taking both sides of the cloth was left then wrapped crossed by clamping using a pin just below the jaw, if there is remaining fabric unformed, pull the fabric top goto left to form a bandana crossed, then flops. Once we know how to use a square head scarf, the other most important thing is we need to know more clearly how to choose a good square hijab to give the appearance of fashionable and perfect.

Pashmina Hijab

Pashmina Hijab

Hijab Pashmina is one type of hijab considerable variation trend among the community, both among adolescents and adults pretty much making a style or fashion Muslim fashion favorites at this long-sized pashmina hijab. Hijab Pashmina being sold with various models, colors and interesting motifs that often make the hijab user feel confused to determine the choice of product hijab. So as to obtain perfect display results must be properly addressed clearly and carefully in its entirety. In addition to the actual size and shape of the pashmina hijab is quite varied as hijab pashmina scarf shaped has a size of 30 x 150 cm, 70 x 200 cm and for a pashmina shawl shaped measuring up to 90 x 200 cm. But for the size of the pashmina hijab in general, ie approximately 30 x 150 cm.

Bergo Hijab

shar'i hijab bergo usa

Bergo is an instant hijab or headscarf directly using the existing cap. Usually, the people who recently migrated to the hijab syar’i still say the same familiar bergo. Most Muslim women who do not like complicated, like wearing bergo, so stay including the already completed. Hijab bergo Given this, it is easier for a Muslim woman to do the practical with the veil.
And much more who become long to be discussed, but the 3 types above once worn by many Muslim women in this world, because it is practical and has a good mode to be used.
Well, then we just go to Tips to buy hijab for Muslim women.

Tips for Buying Hijab

Customize the Shape of the Face

Adjust advance to face shape, such as those of you who have an oval face is certainly not going to be a big problem because of the sort of face is suitable to wear any kinds of hijab.

Comfortable Material

The selection of materials, for users hijab materials is an important thing to note after the display motif. Because the material itself will relate to the comfort of the wearer hijab. Some materials are often used in the manufacture of hijab among others jersey material, silk, voile, and chiffon.

Patterns or Motifs

Nowadays many different types of Hijab are marketed under a variety of motifs and designs, so it is quite a lot to attract women to buy it. Patterns and motifs of the veil should match you with clothing that will be used as if both of them do not look harmonious will give the impression of tacky and outdated.

The Color of Hijab

Likewise with color. Color hijab definitely adjusted in advance with clothing that will be used, but does not be afraid to be different, due to a combination of bright colors are also quite a trending topic in this modern era.
That is how to chose High-Quality Hijab for you, so it is not only the beauty and perfect appearance can be obtained but the comfort and satisfaction with the purchase of the product should also be prioritized. In addition to high quality and price, you can browse through the product itself as a kind of brand, type of material, and so forth. Happy shopping may be able to obtain the desired quality of product, quality and the best price.

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